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T24-BSi & T24-BSu Wireless Telemetry Base Stations

T24-BSi & T24-BSu


  • RS232, RS485 and USB Interface
  • Housed in IP65 enclosure
  • Baud rates 9600-460800 baud
  • Dynamic Link Library Files available
  • USB Interface
  • Self powering from USB port
  • Variable baud rates
  • Dynamic Link Library Files available

The T24 radio telemetry range is currently supported by two base stations; the T24-BSu and the T24-BSi, which in conjunction with the T24-tool kit can be used to configure all the devices within the range. Devices can listen for and transmit data packages to any device therefore making control and group measurement very simple.

The T24-Bsi is the industrial base station, housed in an IP65 standard enclosure. This device offers far more interface options for the user than the T24-BSi can be powered and controlled using a single USB interface; however the T24-BSi also has serial RS232 and RS485 interfaces at baud rates of 9600-460800. When using either of the serial interfaces the device must be powered externally. The serial interface .dll (Dynamic Link Library) provides the ability for customised user software to be created with the use of VB (Visual Basic) over any interface the user wishes to select.  

The T24-BSu is a simple USB device. It draws power from the USB bus and therefore no further components are required to configure and control remote devices from a PC. The T24-BSu is supported by not only the T24-toolkit but also with a .dll (Dynamic Link Library) allowing customers using VB (Visual Basic) to develop their own custom software for their applications.

The telemetry toolkit software is supplied on CD, free of charge when a base station of either type is ordered. The software enables the full configuration and calibration of any of the current T24 wireless telemetry range of products.


T24-BSi T24-BSu spec


T24-BSi T24-BSu dims


Click here to download - T24 Instruction Manual

T24-BSi T24-BSu Datasheet

Suggested Instrumentation

Listed below are some of the other Instruments in our range that can interfaced with any of the T24-BSi & T24-BSu products:-

T24 Range of 2.4GHz Wireless Telemetry Products


There are currently no options available to view from this page. To view the various input and output options available for the T24-BSi & T24-BSu, please view the T24-BSi & T24-BSu product datasheet by clicking here.


  • PC based centre of gravity systems
  • Vessel weighing systems
  • Crane weighing systems
  • Used to configure and calibrate T24 range of wireless telemetry devices

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