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Load Cell Amplifiers & Conditioners - Introduction

LCM Systems offer a wide range of load cell amplifiers and conditioners for load cell, sensor and general process applications. We specialise in supplying high performance electronic products that offer high accuracy, performance and speed. Our range of load cell amplifiers and conditioners includes simple internal amplifiers,  wireless telemetry systems, strain gauge digitisers and USB conditioning modules.

LCM Load Cell Amplifier and Conditioner Range: (click on the images below for further product details)

D-CAN Canbus Digital Strain Gauge to Data Converter

d-canData converter
  • CANBus output
  • Strain Gauge Bridge input
  • High integrity communications
  • DC Powered

DCELL In-Cell Digital Strain Gauge to Data Converter

dcell"In-cell" data converter
  • RS485 output
  • Strain Gauge Bridge Input
  • Small physical size
  • DC powered

DSC Digital Strain Gauge to Data Converter

dscData converter
  • RS485 output
  • Strain Gauge Bridge Input
  • Enclosure options
  • DC Powered

DSCUSB Strain Gauge Load Cell USB Conditioning Module

DSCUSB Buy NowUSB Conditioning Module
  • USB Connection
  • Self powered
  • Strain Gauge Bridge input
  • IP50

ICA In-Cell Analogue Strain Gauge Amplifier

ICA Buy Now"In-cell" analogue amplifier
  • Voltage & Current output
  • Strain Gauge Bridge input
  • Compact Size
  • Sensor Integration

LCA20 Intelligent Load Cell Amplifier

LCA20 smallIntelligent load cell amplifier
  • Load Cell Input
  • Voltage & Current outputs
  • Relay and Digital outputs
  • IP65

LCTA Load Cell Trip/Relay Amplifier

lctaLoad cell trip/relay module
  • Trip Cell input
  • Load Cell input
  • Easy Installation
  • IP66

MAX Modular Analogue Expandable Amplifier System

maxExpandable amplifier system
  • Modular System
  • Versatile control options
  • Relay/serial/analogue outputs
  • IP65

SGA Analogue Strain Gauge Amplifier

SGA Buy NowStrain gauge amplifier
  • Load cell input
  • Voltage & current output
  • High frequency response
  • IP67

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