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LCM3503 250te Wide Body/Sling Saver Bow Shackle Load Cell


250te Bow Load Shackle

  • Green Pin wide body shackle
  • IP68 Sealing
  • Existing shackle pin used
  • Integral connector

LCM3511 85te Sub-Sea Submersible Bow Shackle Load Cell


85te Sub-Sea Load Shackle

  • Submersible to 45m
  • Greenpin G4153 Bow Shackle
  • Totally welded construction
  • Existing shackle pin used 

LCM3782 85te Tonsberg Telemetry Mooring Link Load Cell


85te Tonsberg Mooring Link

  • Load link & shackle hybrid
  • Mooring tension measurement
  • Rated to IP67
  • Wireless

LCM3064 150te Sub-Sea Submersible D Type Shackle Load Cell


150te Sub-Sea Load Shackle

  • GN Rope H11 'D' Shackle
  • Special anti-rotation bracket
  • Stainless steel load pin
  • 6 way Burton connector

LCM3742 2te Safety Bow Shackle Load Cell with RS485 Digital Output


2te RS485 Load Shackle

  • RS485 digital output
  • ASCII protocol
  • Rated to IP67
  • Integral connector

LCM4573 55te Low Temperature Telemetry Load Shackle


55te Low Temp Load Shackle

  • -40°C to +60°C
  • Crosby G2140 load shackle
  • IP67
  • Full material traceability

LCM4670 12te ATEX Load Shackle with Display & Alarm System


12te ATEX Load Shackle

  • Crosby G2130 load shackle
  • IP67
  • Audio & visual alarms
  • Hazardous area displays

LCM4670 55te G2130 Telemetry Load Shackle


55te Telemetry Load Shackle

  • 500m transmission distance
  • Crosby G2130 load shackle
  • IP67
  • Full material traceability

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