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DS485DIS Bulkhead Display for use with Mantrabus DSC/DCELL



  • Displays up to 8 Mantrabus DSC or DLC
  • Display summed or individual results
  • Removes the need for DSC/DLC to be permanently connected to a PC or PLC
  • Synchronised sampling across devices
  • Gross/Net Toggle
  • Easy to operate toggle buttons
  • 6 Digit 20mm LED Display in Red
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Bulkhead mounted

The DS485DIS is an LED display module allowing the connection and summing of up to eight (8) DSC or DLC devices. The display enables the use of DSC or Dcells without the need for permanent connection to a PC or PLC.

The display can toggle between gross and zeroed net display and optionally allows the user to cycle through the individual displays that form the sum. The inputs are all synchronised so the summed display is a true representation of the instantaneous input without skew.

This display can connect to various RS485 DSC and DLC devices with the MantraBus II protocol. Suitable devices are: DSC4SMAN, DSC4HMAN, DLCSMAN and DLCHMAN.

The DSC and DLC devices must have sequential station numbers from 1 to the total number of devices. The default baudrate is 115200.

This module is configured using an RS232 connection to a PC or laptop. and Instrument Explorer software.

LCM Systems can supply this configured as part of a system complete with sensors, including embedded DCELL’s or external DSC’s. Please contact our technical team to discuss you requirements.


DS485DIS Spec


DS485DIS Dims


Click here to download - DS485DIS Datasheet

Click here to download - DS4854DIS Instruction Manual

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