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LCM1791 Mooring Line Tension Monitoring

LCM1791 Sub-sea Load Pin Long

Design Brief

One of our regular customers, a supplier of safety systems for the oil and gas sector, required a custom designed load measuring pin to replace an existing shackle pin. The load shackle was for sub-sea use to monitor the mooring tension of a single point mooring buoy to protect its mooring line by alerting operators to any instances of approaching overload. Any such occurrence could cause the mooring line to break, potentially allowing the tanker to drift. This is particularly critical during oil transfer operations due to the increased risk of oil spillage. 

Rated to 250 tonnes, the load pin was designed to include a cage assembly to protect the cable from damage and was supplied with a sub-sea 4 way connector. This made the load pin suitable for long term use in water depths of up to 200m. A bespoke anti rotation arm was also designed to fit the specific shackle model specified by the customer. Because it would be used in an oil and gas application, ABS witnessing of proof load and calibration was required, along with a certificate of conformity, 3.1 materials certificate and manufacturers certificate of origin. 

The customer free issued an Intrinsically Safe amplifier for calibration with the load pin, as the larger system they were supplying had to be approved for hazardous area use. This gave a 4-20mA output for simple integration into the PLC. 

Our customer was very happy with the load pin performance, and have subsequently placed orders for many more high capacity submersible load shackle pins.

The main criteria for the project were as follows:

  • Load pin must be suitable for offshore use in water depths of up to 200m
  • Dimensionally the load pin must be a direct replacement for cutomer specified load shackle pin
  • Load pin proof test and calibration must be witnessed by ABS
  • 3.1 material certificate required
  • Certificate of conformity required
  • Certificate of origin required
  • Load pin to be calibrated with customer supplied Intrinsically Safe amplifier to provide 4-20mA output

LCM1791 SPM Mooring Line Tension Monitoring


  • 250 tonne shackle load pin
  • Manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Sealed to IP68
  • Suitable for ue subsea at depths of up to 200m
  • Supplied with stainless steel cage to protect the cable
  • Supplied withy custom designed anti rotation arm
  • 2.2mV/V output


LCM1791 spec


LCM1791 SPM Mooring Line Tension Monitoring application note

2D Drawing

LCM1791 dims

3D PDF Model

LCM1791 Sub-sea Load Pin

Click on the image to view the 3D drawing

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Test Results

LCM1791 Cal Cert

Related Notes

These high capacity submersible load shackles were supplied with a unique custom designed cage to protect the cable from damage, and anti-rotation arm to fit the customers load shackle. Because it was being used in an oil & gas application, ABS witnessing of both the proof load and final calibration was required.

Many of our customers require 3rd party witnessing, and we regularly have representitves from DNV, Lloyds, ABS etc at our premises, so this is a routine procedure for use here at LCM Systems and something we can easily accomodate when required.




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