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TELSHACK-D Wireless Telemetry Crosby D Shackle Load Cell



  • Ranges 12tonne to 35tonne
  • 2.4GHz License Free Frequency
  • High Tensile Carbon Steel Construction
  • Environmentally Sealed to IP67
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Continuous use battery life of 200 hours.(batteries are built-in & rechargeable)
  • Shackle and load pin fully certified
  • Transmission range of up to 120 metres clear line of sight
  • Many other telemetry configurations available.

The TELSHACK-D range of wireless telemetry shackle load cells are manufactured using Crosby G2150 shackles. Versions are also available using the popular GreenPin™ range of shackles. The built in wireless radio telemetry electronics operates on the 2.4GHz license free frequency.

The telemetry housing is manufactured from stainless steel, offering a robust solution. Located in the housing are two AAA NiMh batteries, which can be accessed by removing the telemetry housing cover. No tools are required, making it easy to do on site. The batteries can be recharged using the universal charger supplied. In emergencies (when you do not have time to re-charge the batteries), standard alkaline batteries can also be used.

There is an external sealed aerial, which can be rotated to offer the best signal polarity and hence the best transmission range, making it more versatile for different applications.

The TELSHACK-D is supplied as standard with a handheld battery powered display, or alternatively, for multi-shackle applications, a single display can address up to 12 shackles for individual monitoring, or for summation/balancing applications.

LCM Systems can also supply more complex wireless telemetry systems. For further information on what we can offer, please contact our Technical Department, with details of your application requirements.


Rated Load (tonne) 12, 17, 25, 35
Proof Load 150% of Rated Load
Ultimate Breaking Load 300% of Rated Load
Non-Linearity < ±1.0% of Rated Load (typically)
Non-Repeatability < ±0.10% of Rated Load
Transmission Distance Up to 120 metres (clear line of sight)
Battery Life 200 hours typically (continuous use)
Battery Internal rechargeable NiMh
Battery Charging Batteries can be removed for recharging
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +60°C
Environmental Protection Level IP67
Options Available Special ranges available
Centralising Bobbin
Greenpin™ shackle version (see separate datasheet)
Special telemetry systems available


telshack-d drawing


Click here to download - TELSHACK-D Datasheet

Suggested Instrumentation

For multiple shackle applications, where it is required to read individual shackles, by scrolling through connected shackles, or display summated loads on multiple shackles, the following display is recommended:-

T24-HA Wireless Telemetry Advanced Handheld Indicator

For applications where either single or multiple shackles need to be connected to a printer or a PC, the following product is recommended:-

T24-SO Wireless Telemetry Serial Output Module


The TELSHACK-D can be offered with the following options:-


  • Under-hook Hoist/Crane Lifting
  • Cable Tension Monitoring
  • Towing/Mooring Tension
  • Beam proof loading
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