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LCM3742 2te Safety Bow Shackle Load Cell with RS485 Digital Output

3742 long

Design Brief

This enquiry was received from an events and production lighting company, based in New Zealand. The requirement was to measure the load applied to hoist in the entertainment and events industry. The load cell had to have a 5:1 safety factor and needed a digital RS485 output, so it could be interfaced with their own control system.

This customer had already ordered similar shackle from LCM, with analogue outputs, as part of a development project. They were so pleased with our service and the quality/performance of the earlier products, that they had no hesitation in working with us on this project.

The main criteria we were given was as follows:-

  1. A 5:1 safety factor was essential
  2. The customer specified that a Crosby shackle had to be used
  3. The output had to be digital, so they could connect to their control system data bus
  4. An integral connector was required to make installation simple
  5. They required the best accuracy and reproduceability we could offer
  6. The design had to allow for future large quantities, so volume pricing had to be keen


  • Manufactured using a Crosby G2130 4.75te safety bow shackle
  • RS485 digital output with ASCII protocol (upto 254 can be connected on a single bus)
  • An integral M8 connector, with mating field wireable connector
  • RS485 output in real calibrated units of weight, in this case TONNE
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Supplied complete with centralising bobbin
  • Supplied fully calibrated, with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate


Rated Load (RL):  2 tonne
Proof Load: 4 tonne
Ultimate Breaking Load: >10tonne
Output: RS485 Half-Duplex, 17 bit resolution, with ASII protocol
Accuracy: <±0.5% of Rated Load
Non-Repeatability: <±0.1% of Rated Load
Excitation Voltage: 5.4vdc to 18vdc
Bridge Resistance: 350Ω
Insulation Resistance: >100MΩ @ 50vdc
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +60°C
Compensated Temperature Range: -10 to +40°C
Zero Temperature Coefficient: <±0.01% of Rated Load/°C
Span Temperature Coefficient: <±0.01% of Rated Load/°C
Environmental Protection Level: IP67
Connection Type: Integral 4 way M8 connector, supplied with mating field wireable connector


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2D Drawing

3742 dimensions

3D PDF Model


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Test Results

3742 calibration cert

Related Notes

The LCM3742 shackle load cell was designed to meet the customers requirements precisely. The final product included had design features that suited larger volume manufacture. This enabled the customer to realise savings of better than 50%, with production volumes exceeding 200 pieces.

The RS485 output from the load cell was achieved with our DCELL product. This is an in-cell signal conditioner that is available in several different protocols. Further details can be found on the DCELL product page. We have supplied, with similar products, for other customers, a complete turnkey solution. This includes the supply of specially written software, to remotely monitor sveral load cells, generate reports and datalog readings. This is developed in house by LCM Systems engineers, using the Visuallink Development Software Platform.

LCM Systems offer a wide range of standard shackle load cells and also have an extensive selection of custom design versions, which could also be used to satisfy other applications. Many of these products are supplied with our TR150 handheld battery powered indicator, with built in analogue signal conditioningdigital outputs or with wireless telemetry.

We have manufactured shackle load cells based on many different shackle manufacturers' products, including; Crosby, Van-Beest, GN Rope to name a few.

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