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PMD-STRAIN Load Cell and Strain Gauge Input Panel Mounting Display



  • Suitable for most standard wheatstone bridge sensors
  • Menu free setup and calibration
  • 14.2mm high red LED display.
  • AC or DC powered versions
  • Wide choice of analogue, relay or digital outputs
  • All option boards are pluggable and can be retro-fitted
  • IP65 sealed (option for IP67 sealing)

The PMD-STRAIN is a panel mounting display for use with strain gauge bridge based sensors,; including load cells, load pins etc.
This series of display offers very simple operation and configuration.

The PMD-STRAIN does not use a menu system to configure and calibrate the display, making installation and commissioning very straightforward.

To simplify commissioning even further, the product instruction manual provides step by step pictorial details for each function that you may want to configure, saving time searching through an overly complex manual trying to find that one parameter that you wish to change.

Options valuable for the PMD-STRAIN include:-

Power supply options available include 95-265vac, 11-30vdc and 48vac.
Output options available include 4-20mA, 0-10v, ±10v, 2 relay alarms, 4 relay alarms, RS232 or RS485.

The main application for the PMD-STRAIN is for simple crane weighing applications, hoist and winch monitoring, as well as many other force measurement applications.

Different input signals are available including Serial input (see PMD-SERIAL), process input (see PMD-PROCESS).

LCM Systems engineers will be pleased to discuss your specific application requirements with you. They will be able to advise on the correct product selection, options required and advise on suitable sensors, where required.






Click here to download - PMD-STRAIN Datasheet

Click here to download - PMD-STRAIN Instruction Manual

Click here to download - PMD & LD Alarm Output Instruction Manual

Click here to download - PMD & LD Analogue Output Instruction Manual

Click here to download - PMD & LD Serial Output Instruction Manual

Suggested Instrumentation


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  • Vessel weighing
  • Winch monitoring
  • Crane weighing
  • Module weighing
  • General force measurement

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