ADW15-SP16 Weighing Controller with up to 16 set points

The DIN rail mounted remote relay units offer an increased number of set points over that provided by a standard ADW15 strain gauge indicator/controller. This allows for multi action operations such as batch and recipe control.

The software of the ADW15-SP16 gives the user freedom to program the number of set points for their requirements. A single ADW15-SP16 will control up to 16 set points, programmed from its front panel. Set points can be individually set up with In Flight compensation and hysteresis values. Separate 'Output Latch' and 'Output Action' for up to 14 of the16 set points is available, settable from the front panel of the ADW15-SP16. A special mnemonic allows the user to specify the number of set points to be used.

A DIN rail mounted power supply unit is required where more than 4 set points are to be used. The units are driven from the ADW-SP16 via an internal, special remote driver board. All relays are pluggable and connections are made via field screw terminals. The operating procedures for these units are to be considered together with the standard ADW15 when preparing the system for operation.

Outputs include:-

Analogue voltage and current, Industry standard digital communications, Relays, Printer Drive

Options and Accessories include:-

Panel mounting via DIN rail mounting, IF25 Interface module connects up to 25 ADPs to 1 RS232 port, Power supplies for 110/230 V AC or 9-32V DC, Communications for Printer, PLC or PC.

Software Options include:-

Power Factor Printers DP data only and TDP for real time/date. Printers DP data only and TDP for real time/date.

LCM Systems can supply this as a calibrated system with any of our range of compatible sensors. Please contact our technical department, to discuss your application.

  • 4 and 8 relay Din Rail modules
  • All standard ADW15 system features retained
  • Individual set point, In-flight & hysterisis values
  • Industry Standard Analogue Outputs
  • Output Relays, Communications, Printer Drive
  • Programmable from the ADW keypad
  • Programmable output actions
  • Relay contact rating 230V @ 5A AC
  • Selectable setpoint values
  • Standard Strain Gauge input 100mS sampling rate

Input Type

Input Ranges

Order code

Temperature Platinum Pt100 Resistance Bulb PT
  Type K Thermocouple T1
  Type J Thermocouple T2
  Type R Thermocouple T3
  Type S Thermocouple T4
  Type T Thermocouple T5
  Type B Thermocouple T6
  Type N Thermocouple T7
  Type E Thermocouple T8
DC Voltage +/-20mV DCV1
  +/-200mV DCV2
  +/-2V DCV3
  +/-20V DCV4
  +/-200V DCV5
DC Current +/-2mA DCA1
  4-20mA (+ 3.5mA to 20.5mA) DCA2E
  +/-20mA DCA3
  +/-200mA DCA4
AC Voltage 0-200mV ACV1
  0-2V ACV2
  0-20V ACV3
  0-200V ACV4
AC Current 0-1A ACA
Potentiometer Any value in the range 100R to 10K RL
LVDT AC excitation with signal selectable 20mV to 10V full range LVDT


Order code

0 to 1V V1
0 to 5V V2
1 to 5V V3
0 to 10V V4
±10V V5
0-1mA A1
0-20mA A2
4-20mA A3
10-50mA A4
0-5mA A5
0-10mA A6

Other Information

Accuracy Typical ±0.08% of output, ± 0.08%FSD
Resolution As display resolution, max 15 bits
Calibration By 15-turn pre sets for gain and offset
Inversion By keypad value
Isolation ±130V RMS or DC max to analogue input or to any other port
Ranging Fully keypad scalable over desired display range
PID Power level, when selected = 12 bit resolution output

Communications Port


Order code

RS485/232 RS485 - For up to 32 instruments on 1 bus, 4 wire
RS232 ­ printer or direct connection to 1 device, 3 wire
20mA current loop For up to 25 instruments per interface,
4 wire
  RS232 ­ printer or direct connection to 1 device, 3 wire  
20mA current loop For up to 25 instruments per interface, S1

Other Information

Baud rates 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (19200 MANTRABUS only)
Electrical isolation ±130V RMS or DC max to analogue input or any other port
Formats MODBUS RTU, MANTRABUS and printer output formats

Alarm/Control Outputs


Order code

SPCO 4 relay module REM4
SPCO 8 relay module (PSU required) REM8
PSU Power supply for REM8 module REMPSU
REM cable REM to REM cable (req. for additional REM units) REMC2
DPCO 1 relay on SP2 R5

Other Information

Relays 230V at 5A AC resistive
Isolation ±130V RMS
Keypad Programmable values and options Hysteresis, Latching, Output Inversion, Delay Times, Time Proportioning. PID
16 relay option can be supplied on external DIN rail modules (10A SPCO), ask for ADP15-SP16

Power Supplies


Order code

240 220V-230V AC 50-60Hz 10W 240
110 110V-120V AC 50-60Hz 10W 110
12 &24V 9-32V DC 10W isolated 12/24

Mounting Type

Order code

Front Panel P
Din Rail Adaptor D

Communication Port CP Operation

All ADP15 display data can be accessed via the communications port along with relay, PID power and EEPROM status.
All ADP15 user configurable data can be changed including EEPROM enable/disable and relay reset (ADP15 address code cannot be changed).

Other Options & Accessories

One pass calibration
20mA PC Communications Interface (IF25)
VisualLink PC SCADA Software
Analogue Totaliser (Integrator)

Base ADP15

Input Filter Programmable to average up to 64 display updates.
Displays 7 segment LED 4.5 digit 10mm.3 x 3mm LED's 2 for relay status, 1 for program and hold indication.
Update Rate Up to 10 updates per seconds


4 membrane panel keys Scroll key to view/update parameter.
  Digit select key.
  Digit increment key.
  Reset key.
  Keypad disable by internal links behind front panel.
  Hold function by digit select key when in input mode.

Data Retention/Protection

Retention 10 years for set up values, minimum of 100,000 write cycle
  Protection of data and function(s) Watchdog timer giving repeat auto resets.
  Impending power detection and hold off.
  Keypad security and time out.

CE & Environmental

Storage temperature -20 to +70ºC
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Relative humidity 95% maximum non condensing
Safety/Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC amended by 93/68/EEC BS EN 61010-1:2001, IEC 1010-1-1990
EMC Directive 89/336/EECBasic Standard BS EN 61326:1998
EMC Emissions BS EN 55011:1998
EMC Immunity BS EN 61000-42:1995 BS EN 61000-4-3:2002
BS EN 61000-4-4:2004
BS EN 61000-4-11:2004


Case Dimensions DIN 72 x 72 x 163mm (excluding mounting terminal)
Case Material Grey Noryl, flame retardant
Weight 750 grams
Terminals 2.5mm, saddle field terminals
Accessibility All electronics removable through front panel leaving field wiring and case in situ.

adp15 sp16 drawing 0

To view the various input and output options available for the ADW15-SP16, please view the ADW15-SP16 product datasheet by clicking here.

  • Vessel/Silo weighing
  • Simple batch control
  • General force measurement
  • Machinery condition monitoring
  • Pump and motor torque control
  • Crane overload protection
  • Crane weighing

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