BP6 High Range Pressure Transducer

The LCM Systems range of Pioden Transducers has been widely used for many years.

The BP6mV has been specifically developed for high pressure applications, where a robust and accurate sensor is required. The accuracy achieved with the BP6mV makes it ideal for many industrial applications, where the performance of the BP70mV is not required.

The BP6mV can be further enhanced to meet your specific application requirements with any one of the many options that are available, including improved temperature compensation, matched outputs, or by integrating electronics. There are separate data sheets available for the integrated electronic versions.

LCM Systems can also supply the BP6mV with any one of the many instruments in our range, offering a complete integrated instrumentation package from a single source.

  • 1000ohm bridge resistance
  • Cable gland or integral connector output versions available
  • Ranges 1000, 2000, 3000 bar
  • Stainless Steel single piece diaphragm
  • Version available with amplified analogue or digital outputs
  • ¼''' BSPP male pressure port

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