SWA-1 Double Shear Beam Load Cell Silo Weighing Assembly

The SWA-1 series of products uses a stainless steel double ended shear beam design, sealed to IP68 and is supplied as a complete assembly with mounting brackets. The mounting bracket assembly enables simple mounting for the engineer on site. It incorporates a number of key features that facilitates the best-installed accuracy to be realised. These include anti-lift off mechanism, compensation for thermal expansion and off-axis loading.

The SWA-1 is available in 5 different sizes with load ratings from 500kgs to 100 tonnes. The standard mounting assembly is of a painted alloy steel construction, with a stainless steel option available for food, hygienic or corrosive applications.

The SWA-1 series can be supplied on it's own or combined with our extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete monitoring or control system.

  • Anti-lift off mechanism
  • Environmentally sealed to IP68
  • From 500 kg to 100 tonnes
  • Fully welded stainless steel
  • High accuracy
  • High resistance to off-axis loading
  • Integral earth strap
  • Low height
  • Painted alloy steel mounting assembly (stainless steel option also available)

swa-1 load cell specification

swa-1 load cell dimensions

  • Stainless steel mounting assembly
  • TEDS option (when used with TR150 handheld display)
  • Vessel weighing
  • Silo weighing
  • Process weighing & control
  • Tank weighing

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