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ICA In-Cell Analogue Strain Gauge Amplifier

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The second generation ICA (in cell amplifier) is an extremely high performance strain gauge amplifier, converting a strain gauge input to a volt or mA output. Its sub-miniature design enables it to be fitted into the majority of load cells, pressure and torque transducers. The amplifier is available in six versions, offering a range of current and voltage outputs. All amplifiers have a wide operating voltage range.

LCM Systems can integrate any of the ICA range of products into the majority of our sensor range. For applications where this is not possible, we can supply a small inline enclosure (ILE), which incorporates the ICA.

  • 'In cell' analogue amplifier
  • Can be integrated into the majority of LCM Systems sensor products
  • Compact size (maximum height 7.6mm )
  • Fast calibration procedure
  • Full CE approval
  • Plated through holes for wire connections
  • Robust design, reverse polarity & short circuit protected
  • Standardised excitation 5V DC
  • Standardised mounting hole for faster & easier installation
  • Strain gauge bridge input
  • Voltage and current output

To view the various options available for the ICA, please view the ICA product datasheet by clicking here.

  • Internal amplification of strain gauge based pressure transducers
  • Internal amplification of strain gauge based load cells
  • Internal amplification of strain gauge based torque transducers