LCD20 Intelligent Load Cell Amplifier

The LCD20 intelligent strain gauge bridge amplifier is a compact, stackable microprocessor based unit specifically designed to control and monitor process applications. It offers flexible connection to most load cells, pressure or strain gauges over a wide range of sensitivities. The unit provides isolated current 4-20mA and voltage 0-10V analogue outputs and two digital inputs. 

Two set point relays can be configured to set thresholds such as net, gross, peak and valley. Powered from a wide ranging DC supply, the DIN rail amplifier is supplied with 2 part screw connectors for ease of installation.

The LCD20 will support 6 wire input to compensate for barrier and cable losses. It is factory calibrated to mV/V and allows 10 point user calibration to the desired engineering units for superior accuracy. Configuration options are achieved via a handheld programmer or PC Toolkit software.

The analogue outputs and relays interface to existing acquisition and control systems, making this unit an ideal partner for any integrated instrumentation system. 

  • 10 point linearisation
  • 2 single pole relays and digital inputs as factory standard
  • Configuration can be saved and restored
  • Full digital setup and easy programming via a handheld unit or USB connection to a PC
  • Lockable features prevents loss of device settings
  • Provides controls and alarms
  • Standard analogue outputs

lcd20 specification

lcd20 dimensions

  • Handheld programmer (order code: LP2)
  • Programming cable for toolkit (order code: PGM1)
  • Vessel weighing
  • Silo weighing
  • Batch control
  • Crane overload protection/weighing
  • Force measurement

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