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Software Downloads

Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Click here to download your free copy, for the viewing of any data sheets and application notes.

LCM RS232 ASCII Datalogging Software (7403 KB)

Free communications software package for use with the TR150, ADW15 & LCA15 (when RS232 options ordered). This software is designed to evaluate the communications and has a simple data logging function included. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (English versions only).

***** Please uninstall all previous versions of the software, before installing this copy ******

This version is version 2.12

LCM Calculator (4066 KB)

The LCM Calculator software enable users to evaluate various functions, including evaluating load pin designs, calculating load pin and link load cell weights, calculation of wrap angle effects on load pins, calculation of load pin errors due to off-centre axis loading and a simulator showing the X/Y axis effects on a typical load pin design.

Telemetry Toolkit (3738 KB)

This toolkit allows configuration, calibration and testing of the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry products.
What Does It Do?

The T24 Toolkit is a software tool that allows communication with the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry products. A suitable telemetry to serial converter will be required such as a T24-BSu.
With this software you can:

  • View and alter device parameters
  • Execute commands
  • Save and restore configuration data to files
  • Check radio link quality
  • Calibrate modules
  • Perform simple logging

You would use this software to:

  • Test communications with modules
  • Configure modules
  • Calibrate modules