SPB-5 Medium Range Aluminium Single Point Load Cell

The SPB-5 is a medium range anodised aluminium alloy single point load cells, which has been specifically deigned for platform weighing applications, although it is equally suited to other weighing and force measurement applications where high accuracy is required.

The SPB-5 is suitable for use in platforms with sizes up to 600mm x 600mm. It is environmentally sealed as standard to IP66.

The SPB-5 series can be supplied on it's own or combined with our extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring system.

  • Anodised aluminium construction
  • Environmentally sealed to IP66
  • High accuracy (<±0.02%)
  • Ranges from 50 to 635 kg
  • Suitable for use in platforms, maximum size 600mm x 600mm
Rated Load (kg) 30, 50, 75, 100, 250, 300, 500, 635
Proof Load 150% of Rated Load
Ultimate Breaking Load 250% of Rated Load
Output 2.0 mV/V at Rated Load (+-10%)
Accuracy < +-0.02% of Rated Load
Non-Repeatability < +-0.01% of Rated Load
Excitation Voltage 10vdc recommended, 15vdc maximum
Bridge Resistance 415O
Insulation Resistance > 500MO @ 100vdc
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +70degC
Compensated Temperature Range -10 to +40degC
Zero Temperature Coefficient < +-0.002% of Rated Load/degC
Span Temperature Coefficient < +-0.001% of Rated Load/degC
Environmental Protection Level IP66
Connection Type PVC screened cable 3m long
Wiring Connections
Green +ve supply Black -ve supply
Blue +ve sense Brown -ve sense
Red +ve signal White -ve signal

spb 5 drawing

  • Platform scales
  • Hanging Scales
  • Web tension measurement
  • Process weighing
  • Single point weighing

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