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T24-SA Wireless Telemetry Strain Gauge Load Cell Acquisition Module



  • Very small size ­ 18 x 40 x 7mm including signal conditioning module
  • Worldwide license exempt 2.4 GHz radio
  • 2 way radio system for data integrity
  • Remote power on/off (sleep/wake)
  • 120 metre (400 feet) range maximum
  • Battery life up to 5 years in low power mode
  • Configured and calibrated via PC using a base station and Telemetry Toolkit software provided
  • Internal or external antenna option
  • Can interface with a wide range of products from the T24 wireless product range

The T24-SA is a high performance strain gauge to radio telemetry converter module, offering precision measurement with high performance two-way telemetry. It is used in wireless load, force, pressure  and torque applications. This new design offers battery life of up to 5 years with lithium cells.

The licence-free 2.4GHz radio provides a line-of-sight communication range of 120 metres (400 feet), extendable by the use of a repeater. The use of the latest DSSS radio technology minimises local radio interference and ensures data integrity and security.

The wide operating temperature range and the robust technology ensures that the module is not susceptible to harsh physical or electrical environments.

LCM Systems can supply the T24 products integrated into various sensors, to form a wireless sensor system. There are several standard products which utilise thye T24 range, including the TELSHACK range and RILL ranges.

Please contact LCM’s technical department to discuss your wireless load cell requirements.


T24-SA spec


T24-SA dims


Click here to download - T24 Instruction Manual

T24-SA Datasheet

Suggested Instrumentation

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The T24-HS is a self contained product, which is designed to operate in conjunction with the rest of the T24 range of wireless telemetry products. LCM Systems can assist with the design and configuration of complete systems, to meet our customers application requirements.


  • Wireless shackle load cells
  • Wireless link load cells
  • Platform Weighing
  • Vehicle Weighing
  • Rotating machine force measurement
  • Balancing Systems
  • Simple Centre of Gravity

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