Aerospace & Aviation Industries

Applications within the aerospace and aviation sectors are varied yet not dissimilar with other markets LCM Systems have long supplied. 

They generally fall into one of the following categories: 

  • testing and proving component parts used in construction for reliability and durability
  • pre-flight testing of structural parts to identify any potential fatigue failure points
  • in-flight monitoring and testing for fatigue and durability.

Much of our work in the aviation sector is carried out alongside component suppliers and manufacturers planning ground-based testing and evaluation. 

These checks are vitally important and aircraft weight and balance fundamental to the safety of any commercial aircraft destined for the skies.

Conducting the likes of fatigue tests using load cells, will ensure all planes are primed for flying. They remain grounded until they pass such checks.
LCM have also assisted in on-site weighing for manoeuvring aircraft, including the monitoring of tow force.

We've highlighted example applications we've supplied below.