Application Notes

Item Download
AP110 - LCM4573 Low Temperature Telemetry Shackle Download
AP111 - LCM4660 Container Weighing System Download
AP112 - LCM4670 Heavy Lift Load Distribution Monitoring Download
AP113 - LCM4570 Aquaculture Mooring Line Monitoring Download
AP114 - LCM4520 Scientific Equipment Displacement Monitoring Download
AP115 - CPA-25 RNLI Vessel Weighing System Download
AP116 - LCM4550 Pipe Tension Monitoring Download
AP117 - LCM4643 ATEX Weighing System with Overload Alarms Download
AP118 - LCM4487 Diving Bell Lifting System Download
AP119 - LCM4503 Helicoptor Cargo Hook Download
AP120 - LCM1791 SPM Mooring Line Tension Monitoring Download
AP121 - LCM48243 Telescope Monitoring Download
AP122 - LCM4348 - Centre of Gravity System Download
AP123 - LCM4825 Crane Extension Jib Overload Monitoring Download
AP124 - LCM4580 Cable Tension Monitoring Download