Industrial & Process Industries

Most commercially manufactured load cells are supplied to the Industrial and Process sectors. 

The primary use for load cells worldwide is for weighing parts or ingredients that are used to make a product. Walk into most factories or shops and you will find some form of equipment that utilises a load cell for weighing purposes or for measuring force.

The number of applications in this sector are endless. At LCM Systems we discover new uses for load cells each and every. This results in us providing new and original solutions, to the delight of our customers.

Load cells are widely used for quality control. They help test products and ensure ingredients are mixed accurately with the correct weight. 

They also help from an efficiency standpoint, making sure equipment runs at optimum speed to gain the best manufacturing output and quality.

Finally, they assist in ensuring items are made exactly to specification, doing so by measuring the weight or force in the manufacturing process itself.

The range of LCM products evidenced in process engineering is vast and has been built up over many years. Our experience in and willingness to satisfy a myriad of strange and wonderful requests means this only grows. That’s just one reason why we attract repeat custom. 

Categories below are a small selection of relevant applications we have been satisfying since 1984.


  • Bagging Machinery
  • Batch Weighing & Control
  • Bolt Tensioning Systems
  • Clamping Force Measurement
  • Converting Machines
  • Conveyor Weighing
  • Entertainment Stage & Lighting Hoist Monitoring
  • Floor Scales
  • Force & Displacement Testing
  • Force Measurement Systems
  • Hanging Scales
  • Hopper Weighing
  • Hydraulic Actuator Load Monitoring & Control
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Load Monitoring & Control
  • Hydraulic Position Control
  • Hydraulic Press Monitoring & Control
  • Pallet Truck Weighing
  • Platform Weighing Scales
  • Portable Weighing Systems
  • Press Calibration
  • Press Force Monitoring
  • Press Load Monitoring
  • Press Tool Force Monitoring
  • Process Weighing & Control
  • Silo Weighing & Control
  • Tank Weighing & Control
  • Vessel Weighing & Control