Automotive & Transport Industries

Whether you want to weigh a truck, train or F1 car, the likelihood is you'll require a load cell-based system to do so. 

Likewise, if you wish to test the strength and reliability of associated parts, you will almost certainly need the same equipment to measure the force applied during testing.
LCM Systems have a wide range of standard product solutions that can be used as standalone systems and just as easily integrated into an existing or new piece of equipment. 

Options include load cells and load pins, which can be combined with any of our instrumentation products to provide a “one stop, one supplier” solution. When it comes to automotive component testing, LCM have you covered.

We have an extensive range of products designed to meet any and all requirements, among them displays, signal conditioners and wireless devices. 
If a standard solution isn’t quite right, a custom one can always be identified. 

Have a look at just some of the applications we have solved in this sector.


  • Fatigue Load Testing
  • Rail Switching Points
  • Rolling Road Dynamometers
  • Vehicle Weighing Systems