Crane & Lifting Industries

LCM Systems offer a wide range of products for a variety of Crane and Lifting applications. Whether the requirements be for a load cell, load pin or something altogether more complex, we can provide an appropriate solution.

LCM supply products to original equipment manufacturers, working closely with them to offer components that meet both commercial and technical requirements. These can be for “one-off” applications or repeat, larger batch products.

We work alongside these companies to assist with in the likes of crane safety monitoring and crane overload protection.

Our solutions are not limited to standard options and ambitions are often realised with a custom design.

Everything we supply to original equipment manufacturers can also be offered as aftermarket solutions or retrofit into existing applications.

Listed below are just some of the applications we have been supplying solutions for since 1984.


  • Fork Lift Truck Overload Protection
  • Hoist Load Monitoring & Control
  • Hoist Proof Testing
  • Hoist Safe Load Monitoring
  • Hoist Weighing & Overload Protection
  • Lifting Equipment Testing
  • Under Hook Crane Weighing
  • Water Bag Weighing & Filling