Civil & Construction Industries

The use of load cells and instrumentation in the civil engineering and construction sectors has grown significantly in recent years. Advances in monitoring and reporting software has improved an ability to analyse large amounts of data in real time and improved structural engineering as a result. 

By accessing data remotely, those within the industry can deploy more practical solutions than were historically possible. This has transformed approaches to force measurement and load monitoring with simplified project management.

LCM Systems have been supplying applications in the civil and construction sector since 1984. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing highly reliable load cells and load pins - with capacities exceeding 1500te - has afforded customer solutions otherwise hard to come by and modernised design and construction.

Some of the applications highlighted below may be of interest to those with applications involving buildings, bridges and structures, as well as those harbouring concerns for health and safety.


  • Earthquake Force Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Jacking Systems
  • Lock Gate Load Monitoring
  • Pile Force Measurement
  • Structural Support Prop Load Monitoring