Container Weighing Systems

Our container weighing systems have been designed to be easily retrofitted into the spreader or headerblock of straddle carriers, container cranes and telehandlers. They can be tailored to meet the needs of individual ports, with stand alone packages and systems that are fully integrated into existing terminal operating systems (TOS). We have been supplying container weighing systems for over 4 years, with around 40 systems sold to date.

Our container weighing systems calculate container weights in real-time and meet the requirements of SOLAS. Typically they are accurate to 1% of rated load, although higher accuracies can be achieved with on-site calibration and by utilising the in-built linearisation facility.

Container Weighing Systems Benefits

  • Weighs in real-time as part of normal lifting operations, so port activities can continue without any disruption.
  • Fast and simple to install to ensure minimal downtime and to reduce installation costs
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Meets the requirements of SOLAS
  • Specifically designed to be robust enough for continuous operation in harsh dockside environments
  • Can be easily retrofitted to all existing container lifting equipment
  • Utilises proven strain gauge technology
  • Identifies eccentrically loaded and overloaded containers
  • Provides twistlock damage warning and improves safety