150 Tonne Wireless Load Shackles with Tablet PC for Datalogging

2nd Mar 2017

Leaving the factory tomorrow are 5 of our TELSHACK-B 150te telemetry load shackles. Supplied with a T24-BSU base station for wireless communication with our 8” tablet PC that has been pre-installed with LOG-100 software, the operator is able to view, browse and log data. Also included is a visual and audible alarm which has been set to trigger when the load falls below 15 tonnes and when it goes above 100 tonnes. These alarms will be used to identify a slack rope and to ensure overload situations do not occur. A T24-HA handheld load indicator has also been supplied so the weight data can be viewed in two different locations. Our customer required these on a short lead-time of 5 weeks for a pre-planned lift, which was successfully achieved.