wireless cable shakles

200te Wireless & Cabled Load Shackles 📰

11th Oct 2019

On their way to an Oil & Gas production systems provider in the UAE are these two 200te load shackles that can be used wirelessly or via cable. They will be used for a calm buoy refurbishment project, and will be located at the bow of a vessel where the majority of the time they will be used wirelessly. However, in the event of extreme weather conditions, the client want the option of being able to switch to a cabled output. The load shackles have two independent strain gauge bridges, one connected to an ICA5 amplifier to provide 4-20mA output, and the other used for the wireless signal. When operating wirelessly, a T24-AO1I analogue output module is also used to convert the signal to a 4-20mA, so measurement data can be displayed on the PMD Process display also supplied. The Lumberg connector comes with a sealing cap to protect it from the environment when not in use.

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