2te D Load Shackles

2te Load Shackles for Condition Monitoring 📰

23rd Sep 2022

This week we despatched these tiny 2 tonne rated load shackles for a customer in Australia that specialises in animatronics. They needed the load shackles to be as small as possible due to space constraints, but still required a 4-20mA output. It was decided that the best option would be to use a Mantracourt external ILA amplifier, as the load shackles are too small to incorporate an internal amplifier.

They will be used to lift a large animatronic via 6 cables operated by a gantry system suspended from the facilities roof. For testing and condition monitoring purposes they needed a load shackle for each of the 6 lines, with 2 spares available to facilitate continuous monitoring during the operational life of the suspended animatronic.