55te Load Shackles

55te Cabled Load Shackles 📰

17th May 2024

Just about to be shipped to our distributor in the UAE, VDR Specialized Crane Equipment Manufacturing LLC, are these five load shackles rated at 55 tonnes. Our standard SHK-B range uses a Crosby G2140 shackle, but the end user specified that they wanted to use the larger G2130 shackle. LCM Systems are happy to accommodate requests for changes to standard products to suit a customers specific needs, so this modification was easily accommodated. These particular load shackles have integral amplifiers to provide a 4-20mA output, which is also an option available as part of our standard range. 

We regularly manufacture and supply all types of load shackles for use in rugged and harsh environments, including wireless, heavy lift, submersible and ATEX/IECEx versions. If you need a load shackle for any lifting application, make sure you get in touch with our friendly sales team. .