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LCM3064 150te Sub-Sea Submersible D Type Shackle Load Cell

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This product enquiry came from one of our regular customers; a UK based offshore engineering systems integrator. Generally, we supply them load pins, which are installed into shackle and link assemblies that already exist on site. On this occasion, they needed a complete solution, with full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

The load cell was to be rated at 150te and was to be used to measure mooring tension. The design needed to withstand full submersion in seawater. Material and proofload certificates were required for the shackle. The shackle pin had to be manufactured from stainless steel. The pin required full traceability, with the final proofload, calibration and documentation to be inspected and witnessed by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

The main criteria we were given was as follows:

  • The load cell had to be a shackle style load cell, and had to fit in an existing link plate, already on site
  • The load pin had to be manufcatured from 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Material certificates were required on all critcial load bearing parts
  • The final product had to withstand full submersion to 500psi.
  • For site insurance reasons, ABS witnessed inspection was required
  • All cables had to be robust and protected
  • 150te Subsea Load Shackle
  • An integral Burton 5500 series subsea connector was used
  • Full traceability, with ABS witness inspection of documentation, proof load and final calibration
  • GN Rope H11 shackle
  • Loose spacers supplied, to enable flexibility when installing into a widely toleranced link plate
  • Mating 10m subsea moulded connector cable assembly, protected by heavy duty, steel reinforced hydraulic hose
  • Shackle pin was manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Special anti-rotation bracket

The LCM3064 shackle load cell was designed using the vast experience that exists at LCM Systems in manufacturing custom design load cells to meet customer requirements, for use in harsh environments.

The LCM3064 also demonstrated our ability to meet the commercial requirements as well as the techncial requirements of our clients. By taking on the sourcing and supply of a shackle to fit various application constraints, it not only provided us with added value, but it also saved our client money. The savings were made in their time and also in consolidating the ABS witnessing to one overall product, rather than a seperate pin and shackle.

LCM Systems offer a wide range of standard shackle load cells and also have an extensive selection of custom design versions, which could also be used to satisfy other applications. Many of these products are supplied with our TR150 handheld battery powered indicator, with built in analogue signal conditioning,digital outputs or with wireless telemetry.

We have manufactured shackle load cells based on many different shackle manufacturers' products, including; Crosby, Van-Beest, GN Rope to name a few

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