LCM3503 250te Wide Body/Sling Saver Bow Load Shackle

The enquiry for this load cell was initially received by telephone, following a review of the products we had available on our website. The enquiry was from a well known and large oil rig and offshore platform manufacturer, based in the United Arab Emirates.

Their requirement was for 250te shackle load cells for a particular forthcoming project. However, due to budget constraints, they needed the solution to offer versatility for any future projects, so that the load cells could be re-used.

The main criteria we were given was as follows:

  • The load cell had to be a shackle style load cell.
  • Their preference was was a wide body shackle, or sling saver shackle.
  • The construction had to be robust for use in an offshore and heavy industrial environment.
  • Had to be manufactured with using a high quality shackle, with full traceability
  • The requirement was for 4off shackles. They wanted them supplied for use with a single display, with all 4 load cells summed.
  • They also wanted to be able to use the shackles individually, with a battery powered display
  • 250te Bow Load Shackle
  • All four shackles were also calibrated with a TR150 to display the summed load
  • Each shackle was supplied with our TR150 handheld battery powered display
  • Existing shackle pin used
  • Greenpin Wide Body Shackle
  • Integral connector with 10m mating cable assembly. The connector was also field wireable
  • Robust construction, offering IP68 sealing
  • The complete system was supplied fully calibrated and issued with certificates, traceable to UKAS

lcm3503 load shackle specification

lcm3503 load shackle dimensions

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