LCM3511 85te Sub-Sea Submersible Bow Load Shackle

The enquiry for this load cell was initially received through our web site enquiry form. The enquiry was from a well known and large ship and offshore operations company from Brazil. They had been looking at various load cell types, however, what they really wanted was a shackle style load cell to make mounting easier and to fit within their existing cable path. Other load cell types would have been too intrusive.

The main criteria we were given was as follows:

  1. The load cell had to be suitable for submersion in sea water to a maximum depth of 45 metres
  2. The construction had to be robust for use in an offshore environment
  3. Had to be manufactured with using a high quality shackle, with full traceability
  4. Different cable length were required to enable a straight cable run from each installation point (6 load cell in total)
  5. They had to be supplied with a battery powered handheld display
  6. Had to be despatched to their UK freight company within 4 weeks
  • 85te Subsea Load Shackle
  • Each shackle was supplied with our TR150 handheld battery powered display
  • Greenpin G4153 Bow Shackle
  • Permanently submersible to 45 metres
  • Stainless steel comined anti-rotation bracket and cable protector
  • The complete system was supplied fully calibrated and issued with certificates, traceable to UKAS
  • Totally welded construction for long term reliability
  • Used the existing shackle pin, for added traceability
  • Various cable lengths, to suit the customers requirements

lcm3511 subsea load shackle specification

lcm3511 subsea load shackle dimensions

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