Load Cells used for Portable Saddle Clamp Tester

18th Jan 2017

Leaving our factory this week are 10 off S-type load cells, that will be used in Portable Saddle Clamp Testers. These will be delivered to a customer that designs and manufactures specialist equipment and tooling for pipelines. Saddle clamps are used extensively in the gas and water industries to ensure the optimum force between the electrofusion fitting and the pipe. Over time the spring within the saddle clamp can weaken, so regular calibrations are required to check that the applied force remains within the required range. The Portable Saddle Clamp Testers enable this to be carried out easily and quickly in the field. Our STA-1 load cells are ideal for this application, as they offer 0.02% accuracy and are environmentally sealed to IP67. As per our customers requirements, the load cells have all been calibrated in both kN and newtons.