Load Pins for Fish Farm Application

Load Pins for A Fish Farm Application 📰

29th Apr 2022

These load monitoring pins have been designed for installation in the joints of giant fish cages for a company in Chile that designs and manufactures salmon cages. At an impressive 80 metres x 80 metres, these production scale prototype cages can hold up to 400,000 fish, and are installed just off the coast in an area that typically experiences tidal currents of around 2.4 knots and waves around 3 to 5 metres. The load pins will monitor the loads the cage structure is subjected to due to the extreme environmental conditions.

The load pins are suitable for submersion and have been tested to 25psi (15m), with each one attached to a T24-ACM-SA acquisition module that converts the mV/V signal to a wireless signal. The data is then transmitted to a wireless base station connected to a tablet, where the data can be stored and the loads on each load pin viewed.