SILL Self Indicating Load Link

The LCM SILL load link has been designed for lifting and weighing in rugged or harsh environments, being manufactured from high tensile aluminium to minimise weight (steel bushes provide added wear protection from shackles etc).

The SILL load link series are simple to install and are matched to standard shackle sizes. The have a built in display which can be selected by the user to display the applied weight or force in t, kg, lb or kN. There is an in-built audible alarm, which can be set by the operator to warn when an applied weight/force level is met.

For applications where the operator is unable to read the display, there is a handheld remote available. This remote replicates exactly all the functionality that is available on theload link itself.

Other features that are available include Peak Hold, Gross/Net and Pre-set Tare entry. There is also a RS485 digital output available. LCM Systems can offer a software design facility to design bespoke software to meet any specific application requirements that may be required.

  • 1 tonne to 300 tonnes
  • Audible alarm facility as standard
  • Can be supplied with various bespoke software packages
  • Can display as standard in t, kg, lb & kN selectable by operator
  • Environmentally Sealed to IP65
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Peak Hold facility
  • Remote handheld facility available
  • Self indicating load link
  • Shackle holes are steel brushed

sill load link specification

sill load link dimensions

  • Remote handheld load cell indicator
  • Bespoke software packages
  • Crosby shackle supply
  • Under hook crane weighing
  • Crane load testing
  • Beam proof testing
  • Water bag calibration
  • Cable tension measurement

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