STA-3-1000 Tension Load Cell

STA-3 1000kg Tension Load Cell 📰

4th Dec 2020

We have recently supplied this STA-3 1000kg rated tension and compression load cell to a UK customer operating in the space industry and specialising in satellite-based systems. They will be installing the load cell on a ceiling crane in their manufacturing facility to provide load monitoring. One of their major issues when sourcing a load cell and fixings was the height, as they were very restricted with the available space. To accommodate their requirements we supplied the load cell with a G2130 8.5 tonne 'D' load shackle (smallest capacity available that would fit the crane hook) and a G2150 2 tonne bow shackle, complete with yoke swivel hoist rings. This set up allowed the complete assembly to fit within their height allowance, and was calibrated together as a single unit in tension.

If you are looking for a load cell, but need help and advice due to installation restrictions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team, who will be very happy to assist.

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