T24-HS-LS Wireless Simple Handheld Display

The T24-HS-LS handheld battery powered wireless display is used as the display in several of our wireless load cell products, including the TELSHACK-B wireless load shackle and RILL wireless load link.

The T24-HS-LS is a display that is very simple to operate, with just three buttons; one to power the product on/off, the second to allow viewing of the gross/net weight and the third to enable the user to chose between viewing the load in tonnes and lbs (other units available on request). It is used to connect to a single acquisition unit (T24-SA). For multiple unit applications, please refer to the T24-HA datasheet.

The licence-free 2.4GHz radio signal provides a line-of-sight communication range of 600 metres (1970 feet), extendable by the use of a repeater (T24-AR). The use of the latest DSSS radio technology minimises local radio interference and ensures data integrity and security,
and the wide operating temperature range and the robust technology ensures that the T24-HS-LS it is not susceptible to harsh physical or electrical environments.

LCM Systems can supply the T-24 products integrated into various sensors to form a wireless sensor system. There are several standard products which utilise the T24 range, including the TELSHACK range and RILL ranges. Please contact LCM's sales department to discuss your wireless load cell requirements.

  • 800 metre (2600 feet) range maximum
  • Can power off a remote acquisition unit, to preserve system battery life.
  • Connects to a single acquisition unit
  • Gross/Net weight facility
  • License free 2.4GHz radio.
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Simple wireless handheld indicator

t24-hs-ls specification

t24-hs-ls dimemsions

  • Wireless shackle load cells
  • Wireless link load cells
  • Platform Weighing
  • Vehicle Weighing
  • Rotating machine force measurement
  • Balancing Systems
  • Simple Centre of Gravity

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