UF1 Low Range Isometric Force Sensor

The LCM Systems UF1 series force sensors from the range of Pioden Transducers has been widely used in many applications for more than 40 years.

The UF1 has proved the first choice for many applications including muscular and membrane movement monitoring, yarn and fabric tension control, fluid viscosity measurement and even the force induced in butterfly wings during flight.

There are many other applications that the UF1 has been used in. It is most popular in applications where our customers need to measure small forces, with a good level of accuracy, minimal deflection and with a flexible mounting arrangement.

The UF1 can be supplied on it's own or combined with many of LCM Systems wide range of instrumentation products to provide either a simple or more complex monitoring or control system.

  • High Output Sensitivity
  • High Overload Range
  • Low Deflection
  • Ranges 25g (1oz) to 1500g (54oz)
  • Versatile Mounting Arrangement
  • Versatile signal connection method

uf1 spec

uf1 dims

To view the various options which may be available for the UF1, please view the UF1 product datasheet by clicking here.

  • Isometric Force Measurement
  • Muscle Contraction Measurement
  • Textile Tension Measurement
  • Torque Reaction Measurement

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