1500kN Load Pins and 500kN Compression Load Cells for Scientific Project 📰

3rd Aug 2017

Ready for despatch today are 3 x 500kN wireless compression load cells and 9 x 1500kN wireless load pins which will be used for the ITER project, the world’s largest shared science experiment, with 35 nations collaborating to build and operate the ITER Tokomak, an experimental machine designed to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion energy. The load cells will be installed in the Central Solenoid Lifting Fixture, a device used to position the 90 metric ton Central Solenoid modules on the main assembly platform.  The load pins will be used to monitor the tension in the nine wedge jaw assemblies that hold the modules, while the compression load cells will be used to determine the loads on the lifting fixture. Also supplied is a wireless base station and custom designed software that provides a readout of individual load cell/load pin loads.