LCM Systems, invest £40,000 in XYZ CNC mill & lathe to expand internal machining facility 📰

27th Jul 2017

LCM Systems have recently invested in excess of £40,000 to expand their internal machining facilities.

LCM have had their own internal machine shop since 1985. The facility has historically had manually operated machines and employed highly experienced and time served , qualified toolmakers. The quality of the machined parts that are produced are top quality, these include load cell and load pin elements as well as load cell covers and ancillary parts like anti-rotation brackets and connector bosses. Generally we have only machined 1-2 piece requirements and used local sub-contractors for batch and large quantity requirements. Over the years we have built a strong relationship and partnership with these companies.

Due to a growing demand in volume of product required and the need to supply products on shorter lead times, LCM Systems have invested in two XYZ machines, which can be used as full CNC or as manual machines. The new bed mill (XYZ SMX2500) and lathe (XYZ SX 355) are now installed and producing product.

The new machines will provide our customers with shorter lead times on small batch run products (generally 1-10 pieces) from our own facility, due to reduced machine cycle times, but will also reduce lead times on other products machined externally by releasing capacity back into our own facility.

The machine shop team have been working the new machines hard and with real pride in the new facilities. A proud and happy team produces high quality products in the most efficient way. Below you can see an example of some of their early work.


This investment in expanding our machining facilities is just one small part of our Lean Manufacturing project, launched earlier this year. This project, as it progresses will continue to introduce efficiency and maintain the high quality that we have become respected for over many years. This will bring real value to both our existing customer base and to new customers, looking for a reliable and quality load cell partner.