1500te tension & compression load cell

1500te Tension & Compression Load Cell 📰

1st Apr 2022

Recently shipped to a research institute in Germany that specialises in subsurface energy systems was this rather hefty 1500 tonne rated tension and compression load cell.  It has a diameter of 278mm and overall length of 710mm, with 10" ACME threads both ends and weighs in at 285kgs. It will be used as a calibration load cell in their testing facility, and offers an accuracy of 0.1% of rated load. It also features two independent stain gauge bridges, each with it's own cable exist, and was supplied with a TR150 hand held load indicator that displays readings from the first bridge on channel 1 and load readings from the second bridge on channel 2. This allows the operator to easily switch strain gauge bridges in the unlikely event of something happening to one them, preventing any need for an operational shut-down. The load cell was calibrated at The National Physical Laboratory in London which was witnessed by representatives from the institute.