17te Data Logging Load Link

17 Tonne Submersible Data Logging Load Link 📰

23rd Feb 2024

We have recently supplied this 17 tonne rated submersible load link that incorporates a data logger to a company in Spain. It will be installed 30 metres subsea in the mooring line of an offshore floating buoy used to provide wind measurements for offshore wind farms. Line tension data can be measured and recorded at specified intervals from four per second to every 24 hours (depending on the application and project requirements), and retrieved periodically via a usb port accessed by the removable cover.  Data is saved in a format easily read by spreadsheets such Microsoft Excel, which can then be analysed to check for any overload or underload instances and to determine the effects of wind and marine currents on the mooring chains.

The load link offers an accuracy of 0.6% of rated load and has been manufactured from stainless steel, making it suitable for many arduous environments. It is ideal for applications such as offshore tidal energy, seaweed farms, fish farms and any application where the loads on mooring lines are a critical parameter that needs to be monitored.