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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

load pin hoist
6te Load Pin for Hoist Trolley
3rd Jan 2020

Currently going through our production department is one of the smaller custom design load pins we manufacture.

load link
9.5te Load Link with Data Logging
20th Dec 2019

We have recently manufactured a load link that provides data logging capabilities.

load shackles
400te Telemetry Load Shackles
13th Dec 2019

Manufactured for a US customer and despatched this week were two of our 400 tonne telemetry load shackles.

low profile load cells
200te CDIT Low Profile Load Cells
6th Dec 2019

Part of our standard range, these 200 tonne rated CDIT-3 load cells are on their way to our distributor in Singapore, Scigate Automation.

joining shackle pin
150te Special End Joining Shackle Load Pins
29th Nov 2019

Despatched this week were these two stainless steel 150 tonne load pins designed to fit into a special end joining D shackle.

250te Wireless Load Pins
22nd Nov 2019

Despatched today was this order for 6 wireless load pins, each rated to 250 tonnes.

tension load cells
100N DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells
15th Nov 2019

Despatched to a UK customer for installation into test machines used for component testing were these stainless steel tension and compression load cells.

low profile tension
200te Low Profile Compression Load Cells
1st Nov 2019

Designed specially for our US distributor were these 200te stainless steel compression load cells.

weighing systems
Container Weighing Systems
24th Oct 2019

Currently going through our calibration facility are ten RTG container weighing systems for a port in Africa.

wireless load links
Wireless Load Links for Dockside Crane
18th Oct 2019

We have recently despatched 26 stainless steel wireless load links to a major European shipyard.

wireless cable shakles
200te Wireless & Cabled Load Shackles
11th Oct 2019

On their way to an Oil & Gas production systems provider in the UAE are these two 200te load shackles that can be used wirelessly or via cable.

100te Load Pins for Mooring Application
4th Oct 2019

The first batch of 6 load pins have been despatched to a leading manufacturer of mooring equipment, and will be installed in quick release mooring hooks to provide load monitoring of mooring lines.