24 Load Pins Ready for Despatch in just 18 Working Days

10th Feb 2017

Ready for despatch early next week are 24 custom design load pins rated to 150,000 lbf for a company in Mexico. The load pins are required for 30 newly designed sand silos for oil wells, for which our customer has secured a contract to build within the next 6 months for a USA oil contractor. Four load pins are required per sand silo, so this initial batch will be installed in the first 6 sand silos to be manufactured. The remaining 5 batches of 24 load pins will be despatched on a monthly basis. LCM Systems are also supplying a large digit display per sand silo that shows total load.

This order was unusual for LCM Systems in that the time from the receipt of the initial enquiry to the despatch of the first set of pins was just 6 weeks. The customer needed the load pins in a very short lead time to be able to meet their contract deadline, and LCM Systems was able to accommodate their requirement with receipt of order to finished load pins achieved in just 18 working days.