4.75te SHK-B Cabled Load Shackles

4.75 Tonne Cabled Load Shackles 📰

7th Aug 2020

Due to be shipped to the USA on Monday are these four 4.75 tonne cabled load shackles. These lower capacity load shackles are often used in the entertainment industry for monitoring the loads on hoists, rigging and stage lifts and also for general cable tension monitoring applications. Part of our SHK-B load shackle range, the smallest load rating we manufacture is 1 tonne, all the way up to 1000 tonnes plus. We use Crosby shackles for load capacities up to 120 tonnes and GN Rope H10 load shackles from 150 tonnes and above. We can supply the SHK-B with integral amplifiers, suitable for permanent sub-sea use, ATEX/IECEx certified and with 3.2 Material Certification.

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