50te Load Pin for Foundry Crane Weighing

12th Jul 2018

Today we despatched a 50te load pin that will be installed in a crane sheave. The crane is in a foundry, and due to the application, the use of cables was considered to be unsuitable. The load pin was therefore supplied with a T24-ACM-SA high performance telemetry output module to send the signal wirelessly to a T24-SO serial output module (also supplied). This coverts the signal to a 4-20mA output suitable for connection to the large display we provided to enable the crane operator to view the crane loads easily. Other system components included a T24-AR active repeater to increase signal range/coverage and a T24-BSu base station with free software for logging and viewing of loads on a PC. Below is a photo of the load pin and the sheave it is being installed into.