Bagging Machinery

Bagging machinery is used to efficiently pack bulk product, which is fed through a feed system into a pan for insertion into final packaging. These machines dramatically increase workflow speed and decrease packaging costs, while simplifying bagging operations. Profit margins are also maximised with the correct amount of product being delivered every time, with no losses incurred due to over filling or time wasted because the process has to be repeated in order to add additional filling.

In order to fill the packaging to the exact selling weight, a method of load detection is required. This typically involves the use of strain gauged load cells that are mounted under the pan to accurately detect and verify the weight of the product prior to it being dropped into the packaging.

LCM Systems can supply a range of cost effective, high accuracy load cells that are ideal for this application. They also have high levels of environmental sealing to make them suitable for use in washdown areas and can be supplied with weighing assemblies if required. We also have a selection of displays and accompanying instrumentation for when a more sophisticated solution is required.


Below is a selection of some of our custom design product solutions used for Bagging Machinery applications

What Bagging Machinery Applications have LCM Systems already satisfied?

Please review some of the recent news items relating to Bagging Machinery load cells, load pins and associated instrumentation that we have supplied to our customer base. These will help demonstrate the experience we have in finding solutions for our customers, in a addition to the standard product offering available for this application.