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LCM2207 350kN Military Vehicle Towing Force Load Pin

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We received this enquiry from another load cell manufacturer, who specialise in large volume load cell production. They received this enquiry and rather than decline it, asked us to help them service their customer's needs.

The load pin was required to be installed on a towing attachment on the rear of a tank. It was to be used in field trials to monitor the towing forces seen in different towing scenarios. The pin had to be designed to replicate precisely the pin existing pin. This meant designing a special locking and removal system. The output from the pin had to suit an existing datalogger, so we included an integral amplifier, with a voltage output, which was scaled to the datalogger input.

The main criteria we were given was as follows:

  • The load pin had to replicate the existing tow pin precisely
  • The output from the pin had to suit their existing datalogger
  • The pin had to be robust, to suit a harsh environment
  • It had to be designed, manufactured and delivered, ready for a field trial, 3 weeks after we received the order
  • We had to work indirectly to determine the required design parameters, assisting our customer in obtaining the correct data required to design and manufacture the product.

The LCM2207 was a challenging project for us. There were some unusual design features that had to be included. With us not having direct contact with the customer, made the 3 week target lead time very challenging. Having our own internal machine shop made it possible to expedite the production.

The LCM2207 was one of the earliest products that used the new ICA range of internal load cell amplifiers. Details of this product can be found on the ICA product page. It is now very common for us to build signal conditioning within our products. This provides the customer with a more useable, pre-calibrated signal, reducing system integration costs.

LCM Systems are specialists in the design of load pins, whether these be "1 off" designs or production run products. We manufacture load pins in batch sizes between 1off to 1000off.  Many of these products are supplied with built in analogue signal conditioningdigital outputs or with wireless telemetry. The nature of most load pin applications, dictates a special design.

Please contact us to discuss any special load pin requirements you may have.

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