MAX Modular Analogue Expandable Amplifier System

This modular amplifier system offers the user, the opportunity to tailor-make a signal processing and control instrument to an exact requirement, from the simplest, to the most comprehensive. It is analogue based with input boards configured to provide outputs on a motherboard bus in the range 0-10Vdc.

The modular construction allows retrospective additions to the system, with expansion in mind. The system consists of a rigidly supported motherboard with a selection of daughter boards plugged into headers, to perform various functions as required by a specific application.

The motherboard PCB has an on-board power supply section, which allows the system to be run from 12Vdc, 24Vdc or 110/240Vac. These options need to be defined at the time of ordering. Two sizes of motherboard are available with capacity for either 5 or 11 plug-in modules. Each completed system is housed in a die-cast aluminium enclosure with a protection rating of IP65. Wiring is through nickel-plated cable glands into numbered terminal blocks on each daughter board.

Bus System:
A multi-way signal, control and power bus travels the length of the motherboard. Up to 4 input boards can be fitted plus a summation and/or switching board which feed dedicated channel or group busses. A test board is usually fitted to enable monitoring of all the bus lines with a multi-meter. Various output daughter boards can be fitted to provide voltage, current or meter outputs as well as an RS232/422 serial board that can drive digital displays and interface to a PC. Trip relay, bargraph ladder and 3 level light driver boards can also be fitted as required.

  • Control modules include: summation, external switching & trip set
  • Housed in IP65 die-cast enclosure
  • Input modules include: load cell, current & resistive high accuracy
  • Modular expandable amplifier system
  • Output modules include: voltage, current, serial, relay, meter, traffic light & ladder
  • Totally user configurable
  • Two Motherboard Sizes giving capacity for 5 or 11 plug-in modules

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All of the options available for the MAX amplfier system are detailed in the MAX product datasheet. For assistance in selecting the most suitable product configuration, please contact LCM Systems technical department, with details of your application.

  • Crane load monitoring/control
  • Hoist control systems
  • Multi-channel load cell conditioning
  • Balancing systems

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