Meet The Team - Natalie Adcock 📰

1st Jul 2020

Meet Natalie Adcock, our Supply Chain Assistant. Natalie works alongside our Purchasing Manager and is responsible for generating and placing purchase orders with suppliers, and more importantly, for expediting them to ensure all items are delivered on time.  This key business function is paramount in allowing us to ensure our products are manufactured on time and that we are able to meet our customers delivery expectations. As Natalie has extensive experience in administration, store management and logistics (having worked for the armed forces in various positions for over 26 years prior to joining LCM Systems), she has an excellent understanding of stock rotation and how to find the best deal when researching suppliers. These skills, along with an enthusiasm for both maintaining existing relationships with suppliers and forging new ones, helps the company to operate smoothly and reach its ‘on time’ delivery performance goals. If you are looking for a load cell manufacturer that despatches products when they confirmed they would, make sure you contact our sales team at