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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

50kN Tension & Compression Load Cells
22nd Mar 2019

Ready to go to a customer in Australia for a component testing application are these 50kN tension and compression load cells.

750kN ATEX Load Pin
15th Mar 2019

We recently despatched this 750kN ATEX certified load pin to one of our regular customers.

Load Pins for Aerospace Industry
8th Mar 2019

Despatched to our USA distributor, Interface Inc, were these 10 load pins for an aerospace application.

20te Tension & Compression Load Cells
1st Mar 2019

Recently despatched were these 20te TCA tension and compression load cells from our standard product range.

250te Wireless Load Pins
22nd Feb 2019

We have recently completed an order for 25 wireless load pins, each rated to 250 tonnes, that will be installed in a crane lifting tackle arrangement to provide load monitoring.

500te Dual Bridge Load Cell
15th Feb 2019

Shipped this week was this custom designed 500te dual bridge low profile compression load cell.

160te Load Pins
8th Feb 2019

These load pins have been purchased by a leading offshore equipment manufacturer and will be installed in an offshore winch to provide real-time load monitoring and overload protection.

Jack Up Vessel Load Monitoring
1st Feb 2019

We have recently despatched 4 x 110 tonne cabled load shackles and 2 x 63 tonne load pins for a customer in Denmark which will be installed on an offshore jack-up vessel for crane and lifting operations.

3800kN Washer Load Cell
25th Jan 2019

This 3800kN stainless steel through hole load cell has been manufactured for a UK customer that specialises in power and propulsion systems.

45te Load Pins
18th Jan 2019

Purchased by our distributor in Singapore, Scigate Automation, but ultimately on their way to a leading offshore deck equipment manufacturer, are these 45te stainless steel load pins.

Junior Telemetry Load Shackles
11th Jan 2019

Due for delivery very shortly are these 4.75te and 6.5te telemetry load shackles.

120te Submersible Load Shackles
4th Jan 2019

These two 120 tonne load shackles have been manufactured for a leading solutions provider to offshore loading and bunker operators.