SBL-AV Shear Beam Anti-Vibration Mounting Assembly

The SBL-AV anti-vibration mounting assembly has been designed to assist with the damping of high frequency vibrations, which may be present in some weighing applications.

The SBL-AV helps "damp" these high frequency oscillations to help improve overall system accuracy and settling times.

The SBL-AV can be supplied as an accessory for use with the SBL-1, SBL-2 or SBL-3 series of shear beam load cells.

Please contact LCM Systems technical department to discuss any assistance you may need with the specification of the correct load cell and mounting arrangement for your application.

  • Capacities from 250kg to 2000kg
  • Minimise vibration effects
  • Plated steel for maximum protection
  • Simple Installation
  • Suitable for SBL-1, SBL-2 & SBL-3 load cells

Please refer to the Drawing of the SBL-AV or to the specific Shear Beam datasheet.

sbl av drawing 1

  • Conveyor Weighing
  • Mixer Batching Plants
  • Rotating machinery Weighing

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